Womb Wise Yoga

Womb Wise Yoga und  Wombmassage Test-Sessions mit Sophie Hutton (in engl)

Wise Womb Yoga
As women or people with wombs, we have a unique capacity to connect to the Earth and the Moon and all of nature in between.  Yet so many of us have been disconnected from the magic of having a cyclical body, that waxes and wanes like the moon and that ebbs and flows like the ocean.  In this nourishing, gentle and womb-centred yoga class, we will explore how feminine energy moves within our bodies, through education, exploration and empowerment.  Weaving together womb yoga, somatic practices, Yoga Nidra, womb shamanism, sisterhood connection, pelvic bowl embodiment & meditation and gentle breathwork, Sophie will ensure you leave this class feeling connected to how amazing it is to be a woman!


Sophie is the creatrix behind Wise Womb Inner Medicine and a guide for women who feel a deep aching for more- more freedom, more pleasure, more creativity, more connection- to reignite their natural, soft power and to feel alive, juicy and full of life again. Her vision is a world where we are all intimately connected to our wild bodies, our cyclical nature, our glorious Earth and our soft power. Through simple, easy-to-implement education, gentle exploration and a grounded sense of empowerment, her work is devoted to your remembrance of the sweetness and the strength of your body, your womb and your deep connection to the land. She weaves together somatic practices, womb massage, Yoga Nidra, cyclical wisdom, sacred self-care, womb healing, pelvic embodiment and womb shamanism to create soft and gentle, yet magical and transformative spaces of healing and reconnection. She is based in Braunschweig and centres her work around fostering sisterhood and community, whether that is in-person or online.